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Free CMS Emergency Preparedness Planning Guide

The purpose of this guide is to help your outpatient health agency understand the new national emergency preparedness compliance requirements for at-risk patients. Read about each step of compliance, learn how they affect your patients and explore the options for your continued CMS compliance.

What's In The Guide

  • Understanding CMS Emergency Preparedness Regulations
  • Hazardous Events and Administrative Concerns
  • Emergency Timeline
  • Staff Responsibilities
  • Administrative Responsibilities
  • Outpatient Evacuation Checklist
  • At Risk Evaluation Form
  • At Risk Consent Form
  • Risk Assessment Tool

Taking action to stay compliant is easy when you understand what’s required. CMS guidelines outline the four steps required of every emergency preparedness program. This guide focuses on the details of step one, helping you to develop your risk assessment and planning, but it’s important to first understand the big picture.


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