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Software Solution for CMS Emergency Preparedness Communication Plan

It happened.

Disaster hit, and your patients need to be evacuated to other facilities. Mobile patients, critically ill patients, patients requiring monitoring, dialysis, IV fluids, or impeccably timed drugs. Newborn patients. Patients who are actively dying, surrounded by their grieving families. All of them. They all need to find their way to someplace safe.

Where will they go? How will they get there?

And more importantly, how will your patients get there safely? Who will track the names and dates of birth as they scatter? Who will know who has gone where? Who will keep up on who needs an ambulance, and who has already taken one, and who has arrived at their destination, safe and sound?

And who will share all the necessary information with the people who transport them and the facilities that receive them and the families that will follow them, all while maintaining the patient’s privacy and adhering to the law?

And what about when it’s safe to bring them back again?

If it all feels overwhelming, it’s because this is more, so much more, than any person or team of people can reasonably be expected to do. Not at the level of professionalism that patients expect of their healthcare providers. And yet, it’s a vital need. If any piece of information goes missing, patient care suffers, sometimes in horrifying ways.

This is the reason that WatchPoint AtRisk Registry was created. Without a single source of information on the status and location of patients, the evacuation and care of patients in disaster areas was chaotic. With it, vital information became accessible to those who needed it, when they needed it, in order to care for the vulnerable without compromising patient privacy. Seamless, real-time communication. A bit of calm at the heart of a storm.

WatchPoint AtRisk Registry can help you to:

  • Make plans to evacuate (and return) at-risk patients
  • Track the location and status of patients in real time
  • Effectively communicate patients’ medical needs
  • Share key information with first responders
  • Create real-time reports
  • Enable individuals and teams to collaborate during crisis situations


What does this mean for your patients?

It means that patients can rest assured, knowing that the medical personnel who are transporting and receiving them have all the information needed to keep them safe. It means that no patient has to worry about their family calling hospital after hospital, desperate to know where their loved one has been moved.

It means that patients can get the care they need now, not in an hour or a day once the necessary information has been faxed over. It means peace of mind, which is what everyone wants in the midst of a frightening situation.

It happened.

Disaster hit, and your patients needed to be evacuated. But while it was stressful and frightening at times, you never needed to worry about where your most vulnerable patients were and how they were doing, because that information was at your fingertips all along.

You tracked them as they scattered to the most suitable facilities. The mobile and the critical, the ill and the injured, the newly-born and the dying. And while the fires raged or the hurricane howled, you continued to work with complete confidence. Because you knew where your patients were.

And they were safe.

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