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WatchPoint AtRisk Registry

Why WatchPoint Matters

Before WatchPoint AtRisk Registry was developed, local emergency managers had no single source for the updated location and critical care information needed to assist vulnerable patients in disaster areas, including those who are: on life support, homebound, disabled, elderly and those with special needs.

WatchPoint AtRisk Registry was created to fulfill this need and battle-tested during the disasters that followed Hurricane Katrina. Not only was the technology improved and proven successful, the system remained fully accessible at all times and no patient data was compromised.

Now, medical care providers can seamlessly communicate real-time information to improve local disaster planning, evacuation, medical care and recovery of vulnerable patients.  



One Solution, Two Uses

WatchPoint AtRisk Registry provides two ways you can securely communicate the information that emergency responders need to plan for, care for and transport at-risk patients, from the start of an evacuation until their safe return home. 

Event-Driven Registry

For inpatient care providers, WatchPoint AtRisk Registry is an event-based solution for use during a disaster or evacuation. Update the registry with your patient information when you’re facing a crisis to notify local emergency managers of your at-risk patient details, helping them to create a manifest for evacuation, rescue, recovery and critical care.

Active Registry

Outpatient care providers should typically update vulnerable patient information on the WatchPoint AtRisk Registry weekly. Local emergency managers are notified of updates and use patient information to create advanced planning for the evacuation, rescue and recovery of these patients.



How WatchPoint Works

Whether you’re an inpatient facility adding vulnerable patient information when you’re notified of an impending evacuation, or an outpatient facility updating patient information weekly, WatchPoint AtRisk Registry is a simple safety solution: 

  • Sign in to the secure cloud-based portal
  • Add vulnerable patients’ contact information, locations, caregiver information and critical care details (ex. required medical equipment)
  • Attach documents as needed
  • Update it weekly (outpatient care providers)
  • Update it at the time of disaster or evacuation notification (inpatient care providers)
  • Automatically send updates to local emergency management departments and anyone else identified for notification
  • Emergency managers can use preloaded information to plan at-risk patient evacuation and recovery efforts

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Your Emergency Management Tool for Better Outcomes

For anyone involved in emergency planning for vulnerable patients (emergency managers, first responders and CMS agency staff), this cloud-based SaaS solution offers robust reporting and administrative capabilities to make planning, managing data and coordinating efforts more efficient than ever:

  • Automatic updates from local inpatient and outpatient medical care providers
  • Assess your vulnerable patient population for accurate disaster planning
  • Easy to use reports to track evacuees, edit records and create reports
  • Top-level reporting displays complete situational assessments
  • Customized reports for your organization’s needs
  • Statistical reports available on demand
  • Multiple data views help different types of users find and edit records easily
  • Administrator defined user access levels
  • Real-time updating for accurate data
  • Consistent real-time data from one source


"The hospice community is grateful for the thousands of hours that have already been poured into the creating our AtRisk Registry. LMHPCO takes great pride in the fact that our AtRisk Registry is being recognized as a critical component of the state's emergency preparedness plan for vulnerable patient populations across various healthcare sectors."

Jamey Boudreaux, MSW, M.DIV

Executive Director, Louisiana-Mississippi Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (LMHPCO)

"AtRisk Registry fills a critical need in our emergency operations planning and response. This application now gives everyone involved in patient evacuation and movement a real-time view into the status of patients and the process. The application’s usability is unprecedented in this field. From the ability to produce the patient lists needed by our federal partners to the ability to track patients as they move through the evacuation and back again is unmatched. No other application gives us the functionality we need. The team at AtRisk is responsive and able to react quickly and efficiently to changing requirements. They understand the fluid nature of emergency operations and have accommodated us at every step. I am more confident than ever in our ability to succeed with AtRisk as our partner."

Henry Yennie, GSW

Program Manager, Emergency Preparedness, Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals

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