Tracking Patients to Safety

The AtRisk Registry is a web-based system that lets emergency personnel track the real-time status, location, and medical needs of vulnerable individuals when disaster strikes. It securely stores medical information and provides comprehensive reporting to help agencies collaborate more effectively at every stage of an evacuation.

AtRisk Registry

Evacuating vulnerable people is a complex process, even under normal conditions. Disaster conditions make the process far more complex. AtRisk Registry ensures accurate data on the location and medical status of vulnerable individuals is instantly available when emergency responders need it the most.

AtRisk Registry provides emergency preparation teams with a HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based, secure system with unlimited capacity to transmit and store protected data for a population of citizens who are vulnerable.

The Problem

Hurricanes land, tornadoes strike, wildfires occur. Emergency events cause chaos and mayhem and at-risk individuals need to be evacuated quickly and repatriated after the event is over. This complexity can easily lead to confusion when those involved do not have accurate and timely information.

The Solution

Active planning is essential to ensure that when disaster strikes, the most vulnerable members of the population can be safely located, evacuated and returned to their homes. Whether for a hospital administrator responsible for the safety patients, or the head of the Governor’s Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness responsible for the evacuation of an entire state, tracking is easy with up-to-the minute information.


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